ADR :: Frequenseqer


ADR :: Frequenseqer


"Andrew D. Rothbard, member of post-punk pioneers The VSS, and singer / pianist from Pleasure Forever, has delivered to aQ one hell of a departure from his previous projects. Where The VSS was angular and raucous (their 1997 lp Nervous Circuits being one of this reviewer's ALL TIME FAVORITE records), his latest eponymous project is tape loops and knob twisting. The incredible pop sensibility of Pleasure Forever is certainly not gone, however. There's some definite hooks and choruses on Frequenseqer, but they are of the electronic psychedelic type. Oddly syncopated percussion lays a foundation for heavily-affected sitars and buzz-saw synths, and every once in a while some vocals creep in to add a melody or two underneath it all. Does it matter that you can't understand a single word? About half the tracks are instrumentals, blips and bloops making way for swelling walls of sound which end with the sigh of a piano line or the stutter of a manipulated arpeggio. On the tracks with vocals, Andy's voice is excellent and provides a nice washy contrast to some of the harsher elements. Frequenseqer is vaguely reminiscent of the recent Damaged Bug record, if that record were to take a lot of acid (like, a LOT) and draw a picture of Eno and Fripp's No Pussyfooting. Frequenseqer is frenetic at times and strangely beautiful at others, but it's not because the record can't make up its mind where it's going. There's a definite trajectory and a journey at work in the various changes of tone, the listener's emotions being manipulated skillfully."-Aquarius Records


Side A

1. Ntaq 

2. Diaspora 

3. Ubergang 

4. Wave Gravestone

5. Between the Fourth Estate and the Fifth Dimension 

6. Hinterland Mauer

7. Δ34Δh34Δ C4dill4c

8. Gnarcisco

9. Liberty Capps


Side B

10. Ωhmenizer

11. ϞoptiϞ5ϞopiϞ

12. Polymath

13. Fraktur Maʒʒiv

14. Lexikon

15. ≈ ∞ µg Per Street Dose Unit

16. Permin

17.100 % Human Hair

18. Electrohesh

19. Quadriga

20 .Ψwy

21. Frequenseqer

22. Cyrillization


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