Lady Dug :: Bout Time


Lady Dug :: Bout Time


A Lady Dugg iz.. Z visual representation of a divine spirit. A sorcerah brewin up sum potionz bruh... Allien lookin thru a different lenz. Supa natural vessel whom dwells in z spirit world.  expressed portraits of progression. Z extra terrestrial femme only operates wit deeply different grammarz, Her Unique factor iz dat deez particular soundz are able to transform D eventz in her mind and heart into meaningful manifestationz. 

She iz.


Side A.

1. Birth of a Lady Dug

2. Past Wordz

3. Spinnin

4. A Smile iz D MOS effective medicine


Side B

1. Relax Yo Mind

2. Singin t maself

3. Eupho D Nu You

4. Love Inside

5. 2 B Driven


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