VUM :: Cryptocrystalline


VUM :: Cryptocrystalline


VUM’s 3rd and forthcoming album, Cryptocrystalline, is named after the natural phenomena which occurs when a crystal, or orderly, molecular structure exists in certain rocks, but is not immediately apparent to the naked eye. In the age of protests, revolutions, and international warfare, we often see remotely sensed images of crowds that appear as one, disorderly mass, but contain order in the physical presence, intent, and dreams of each individual. Surveillance, war, possession and dashed California dreams all serve as inspiration for this release.

Side A

1. Centimeters: 15M

2. Katrine

3. Red Flag

4. You Have Gold

5. This Is The Witch


Side B

6. The Other Side

7. New Girls

8. Sudden Night

9. Dream Life/Doors Locked

10. Full Chroma

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